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Create NSW

For Create NSW, partnerships are mutual relationships. Sharing information, open communication and seeing the benefits for both partners is the cornerstone of film and television production.

Former Director at CREATE NSW

You start with the fact finding, find out as much as you can about your partners and the people behind them. Be open, transparent, have integrity and do what you say you will.

As a screen agency that’s about 50 per cent of your job.

At Create NSW we are also a conduit and can smooth the path for clients and businesses. For instance, we were able to provide Margot Robbie and her production company LuckyChap Entertainment with a number of key introductions to local companies and people that fuelled development of her new 10-part series retelling the work of Shakespeare from female perspectives. That’s slated as a co-production with ABC Studios International, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Hoodlum Entertainment (Secrets & Lies).

We are lucky that Ausfilm takes the lead in facilitating and helping build those international relationships. NSW is the headquarters of companies like Playmaker Media, now owned by Sony Pictures Television. At Create NSW we can assist with funding co-productions like Reckoning which is now in production at Fox Studios Australia and shooting around Sydney.

Most recently we have worked with NSW companies providing financing under the Made In NSW – International Footloose Fund. This was to secure significant tranches of VFX and post-production work on Chinese Director, Eva Jin’s feature film Legend of Sun and Moon, the largest Chinese-Australian co-production to have been made in Australia.

NSW companies have built a strong international reputation for their creativity and technical brilliance in film and television post-production and they have a significant track record of working successfully with China.

Indeed, the Made In NSW Fund has been a major success for us in the past two years. We invested AUD$20 million in that period with AUD$13 million of that going to 13 international productions, for a total spend in NSW of AUD$287 million.

Peter Rabbit (James Corden) in Columbia Pictures’ PETER RABBIT™.

Productions supported by Made In NSW, across both physical production and PDV work have included Chosen (China), Pacific Rim Uprising, Peter Rabbit, Butterflies Over The Sea (China), I Am Mother, Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Ruum, Airpocalypse (China), The Portal, A Wrinkle In Time and Captain Marvel, as well as the aforementioned Legend Of Sun and Moon and Reckoning.

Working with China and Chinese companies at the moment is about building and future-proofing those relationships. We are taking the long-term view to build on the foundation established with features like Jackie Chan’s Bleeding Steel and television series like iQyi’s Chosen and Sony’s Reckoning.

At the same time, we visit Los Angeles three to four times a year in order to remain front and centre of a production company’s or studio’s thinking when foreign location shoots are being considered. Having Fox Studios Australia in our state is a feather in our cap.

We have been fortunate to partner and work with internationally renowned filmmakers including Jackie Chan, Mel Gibson, Netflix, Dynamic Television and YouTube. We are in ongoing discussions with all of them about repeat business with a focus on television drama and features.

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