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Everything you need to know about filming in Western Australia is at your fingertips at www.filminwesternaustralia.com and the newly launched App available at the App store.

The Film in Western Australia website, which is conjoined to Screenwest, features numerous online resource tools to familiarise yourself with what Western Australia has to offer your production.  The website won gold and silver medals at the 2016 Australian Web Awards.


Those who are not familiar with Western Australia can learn about the diversity of landscapes and climates, the metropolitan areas of Perth and Fremantle, and flourishing regional cities and towns, in a State that covers 965,000 square miles (2.5million square kilometres) from border to border. Film in Western Australia boasts an extensive collection of images powered by Reel-Scout to help you find the perfect shooting location.
The website also provides interactive maps to get to know the 10 geographic regions as well as the six Indigenous regions. Scouting assistance and liaison are also available with more information of how to connect with the right person found on the website.


Western Australia is rich with incentives with the $16million Western Australia Regional Film Fund attracting international co-productions to its shores.
THREE SUMMERS, written and directed by Ben Elton (MAYBE BABYBLACKADDER), was the first production to receive Regional Film Funding, with three more major projects secured in early 2017.
Screenwest also provides production investment funding to eligible productions.

About filming in Western Australia 

There is a lot to consider when looking at any new filming location.  In Australia, rules and regulations can differ from state to state so be sure to check out the Rules and Regulations section of the website. Productions with any use of Indigenous culture also need to consider the guidelines and regulations in place at a national level to ensure that the film accurately and respectfully depicts our native peoples.
This section of the website also provides FAQs and links to resources to read the finer detail.

Production partners and crew 

The production companies and heads of department in Western Australia are top class, many of which have international experience.  You can read more about them on the People, Companies & Facilities profile pages so you can start discussions with the people who fit your project. The Production & Crew Directory is a comprehensive online database of Western Australia’s film, television and digital media industry professionals, facilities and equipment rentals.

Interactive map

Find out where productions have been shot and see just how diverse Western Australian filming locations are with the interactive map.


Western Australia’s filming locations are also showcased by Screenwest on Instagram.  Follow @filminwesternaustralia and search for images using #filminwestaus and #screenwest.

Drop by the website or download the App and say G’day to Western Australia.