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When it comes to relocating sets and equipment, every seasoned professional has a nightmare story of logistics gone wrong. Whether it’s an essential prop stuck in customs, or a frustrating language barrier, in this industry there will always be something unexpected that pops up and threatens to ruin your day.

Every project comes with its own logistical challenges, but seeking out the right advice before you book can easily help you avoid common pitfalls.

Here are our top 5 tips to ensure your next move is the right one.

  1. Can they Consolidate Logistics and Travel?

    Creating a streamlined journey for your talent, crew, sets and equipment is a mammoth task, so it’s important to consolidate services wherever possible. Seeking out an agency like Show Group (Showfilm & Showfreight), that can book both travel and logistics removes an unnecessary layer of coordination, saving time and reducing potential issues.For maximum efficiency, look for a company with both a freight and travel department, that work together throughout the whole process. Ideally, they should be able to assess requirements and make suggestions that will simplify the logistical process.

    Show Group also offers other significant discounts for booking travel and freight together, so it’s worth enquiring about packaged services.

  2. Are they Specialists in the Industry?

    In an industry that’s unpredictable by its very nature, it’s important to be able to tap into the valuable experience of an agency that shares end-goals and understands the ramifications of delays. Where non-specialised freight companies take a singular and separate approach to shipments, industry specialists like Showfreight have a unified strategy, and a common understanding of priorities and industry requirements. Huge logistical undertakings such as the moving of trucks and sets have their own niche requirements, and only an agent with extensive experience will know what’s involved and how to execute these projects. Considering the high-stakes at risk, if you expect to be using this type of service, you’ll need an agency with a decent industry reputation. It’s a good idea to ask for examples of similar scale projects they’ve successfully achieved for other clients.

  3. Are they Trusted in the Industry?

    Before booking logistics, ensure you can trust your supplier completely. Consider the ramifications of leaked information from confidential projects and the special requirements of high-profile talent. Again, an industry specific agency like Showfreight is the best option here, as they will ensure end-to-end confidentiality – their reputation depends on it. This flows through to the assurance that equipment will be transported with care. It’s vital your freight company understands the expense of delays caused by damaged equipment and will go over and above to ensure a safe, on-time, delivery.

  4. Will the Budgets Blow-out?

    Price is always a consideration. In this industry, it has to be. But getting a low quote only to find it has blown-out by the time the final invoice arrives causes untold stress when you suddenly have to find more money you just don’t have. A good logistics agency should also manage your financial expectations, and be prepared to explain specifically the cause of any over-budget jobs. At Showfreight, our accounts department is fanatical when it comes to matching Purchase Orders. Even if a final invoice is over by only a few dollars they will go through the job with a fine tooth comb to ensure that every variation is properly accounted for and has been sanctioned by the client.

    Seek assurance before proceeding with a project that there won’t be unexpected costs.

  5. Do they Provide In-Country Representatives?

    There’s nothing more frustrating than having your equipment successfully freighted to the dock, only to have something mysteriously stuck in customs. It’s a common scenario and most logistics companies don’t provide a service that addresses this issue specifically. Considering the potential consequences of delayed shipments, Showfreight provides dedicated staff on the ground to meet your freight and personally make sure it clears through customs, ensuring your deliveries are received on time and without unnecessary administration.

    Showfreight is part of ShowGroup and has over 30 years experience providing tailored freight and logistics services to productions of all sizes. With competitive prices, personalised end-to-end solutions and in-country representatives, Showfreight’s teams of dedicated professionals across the globe are experienced and knowledgeable in every aspect of the film and TV industry.

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