/News 02.04.24

Flying Bark Productions and Trackdown Studios: Bringing Marvel Magic to Life Down Under

Flying Bark Productions and Trackdown Studios have a rich history of collaboration spanning over 20 years. Most recently the two Sydney-based studios worked together on Season 2 of Marvel Studios’ hit animated series What If…?. Both companies were proud to bring a touch of Marvel magic down under, with Flying Bark handling the iconic animation of four action-packed episodes, while Trackdown provided the stunning scores for key moments in the series.

Image from What If…? Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Trackdown Studios: Capturing the Musical Marvel

Trackdown was delighted to record scores for Season 2 of Marvel Studios’ series What If…?, continuing its long history of working with its friends at Flying Bark. Using Audiomovers and Zoom, Trackdown was able to connect with the LA team of composers, music editors, and producers to provide a seamless experience of score recording – capturing the magic of a 62-piece orchestra and a 24-voice choir, covering episodes 2, 5, and 6. It’s been a joy for the team to work with Marvel Studios on this project and they look forward to many more collaborations in the future.

Flying Bark Productions: Animation Excellence

With over 1900 shots of full animation required for 4 episodes, Flying Bark’s team of 90 artists brought Marvel Studios’ designs to life by creating all the characters, sets, and props. Flying Bark was immensely proud of its diverse team working on the project, with artists from New Zealand, Canada, France, Spain, India and many more helping to complement the immensely talented crew based in the Sydney studio.

Having formed a close working relationship with Marvel Studios over the years, Flying Bark was able to utilise its tried-and-tested workflow from Season 1, ensuring the team could deliver high-quality animation on schedule and within budget.

Celebrating Australian Talent on the Global Stage

The project underscores the depth of talent in the Australian screen industry, and is a testament to the nation’s competitive production incentives and collaborative spirit. With Season 2 now available to stream on Disney+, fans worldwide can enjoy content made right here in Australia.