/News 28.06.17


Production is underway in Adelaide on Going for Gold, directed, written and produced by South Australian Clay Glen for his Adelaide-based production company Glenpictures.


LA-based worldwide distribution company MarVista Entertainment commissioned Going for Gold based on Glenpictures’ internationally successful features Raising the Bar, and A Second Chance, with the first two films being Gymnastics based family and children’s films. Going for Gold‘s storyline moves into the world of competitive cheerleading.

9Going for Gold crew being visited by a kangaroo

Filmed entirely in South Australia, Going for Gold is making use of the excellent range of film-friendly shooting locations Adelaide has to offer, outstanding visual locations within the metropolitan area including Adelaide Airport, Windy Point lookout, Torrens River and Gorge Wildlife Park to name just a few. With the film’s international release, South Australia will take centre stage as the location for the story.

“There are many advantages to basing a production in Adelaide. There is a really varied range of location options, all within about 20 minutes drive from the CBD. This means we can, and have, shot across three locations in one day with minimum disruption to production through an extended location move.”
“Adelaide Airport is an extremely film-friendly airport, again close to the CBD and looks stunning in the scenes.”

10Adelaide airport

“Outside our American lead Kelli Berglund, all other cast are South Australian apart from a contortionist from Sydney. Access to world-class crew and cast is yet another advantage of basing our production here. I highly recommend South Australia as an excellent location for filming. South Australian Film Corporation are tremendously supportive and instrumental in making films happen in South Australia.”

Glenpictures’ track record in producing audience-focussed and internationally successful features with production values far in excess of their budget is a true representation of South Australian innovation.

8Kelli Berglund with a koala

Going for Gold follows the story of 17-year-old Emma (Berglund), a champion cheerleader whose father is a widowed USA Air Force officer. Lead actress, California-based Kelli Berglund, is best known for her lead role in Disney XD’s long-running live action series Lab Rats as bionic teenager with lightning speed, Bree Davenport. She starred in Clay Glen’s 2016 feature Raising the Bar, and in Disney Channel Original movie How To Build a Better Boy.

Pinnacle films have come on board as the Australian and NZ distributors.