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Rolling out the Red Carpet: The Five Non-Negotiables of VIP Travel 

When it comes to travel arrangements for high-profile cast and crew, there’s no room for compromise. Often faced with tight schedules and shifting locations, these travellers require an elite level of care, comfort, and privacy. From flying first class to accommodate long-haul flights, to organising charter flights and arranging discrete transportation, VIP travel services allow your talent to recharge and prepare for the work ahead. VIP travel services also ensure a seamless journey, guaranteeing that cast and crew promptly, securely, and comfortably arrive at their destinations. By prioritising their specific travel needs, VIP services elevate the travel experience for your cast and crew, allowing them to arrive fully prepared and ready to deliver outstanding performances and work.

Organising travel for high-profile travellers comes with unique considerations and challenges. To help you gain deeper insight into this specialised field, we spoke with our experienced team.

The Non-Negotiables of VIP Travel

There are five non-negotiable travel requirements when catering to VIP clients in the Film and TV industry. 

  1. Efficiency of travel

Firstly, the efficiency of travel is a priority. From the initial booking process to when the client returns home, their travel experience must be seamless. This is where collaborating with a knowledgeable travel management company (TMC) can be beneficial. By relying on their expertise, you can rest assured that your VIPs will receive the most efficient travel experience: from flight and seat selection to chauffeured transfers.

“We (Show Group) understand the importance of the journey and we’re with you every step of the way.”

Show Group’s General Manager, Nick Smith

2. Ability to adapt

Secondly, your TMC must have the ability to adapt and recognise the uniqueness of your production and project. Travel requirements must be met with an adaptive approach, particularly when they involve your high-profile cast and crew. Being flexible and offering tailored solutions ensures individual travel needs are met. That is why, at Show Group, our team adapts our approach to each project and the specific type of traveller involved.

3. Expertise

The third non-negotiable is expertise. VIP Travel is a specialised field requiring the expertise of industry professionals who understand the entertainment industry and its unique requirements. When unexpected situations arise or your traveller presents a last-minute request, having an experienced professional by your side is essential. Confidentiality and discretion are also paramount for high-profile travellers, and it is crucial to safeguard the traveller’s privacy while interacting with suppliers and throughout the booking process. Show Group meticulously selects highly experienced and senior consultants to form our VIP Travel Team. We recognise that the finer details often make the most significant difference not only to our VIPs but to all travellers, and we have established comprehensive systems and quality check processes to guarantee the finer details are met. 

4. Offline and online support

Moreover, your travellers must have access to comprehensive online and offline support 24/7. Unexpected circumstances may arise, and when they do, your travellers need access to immediate assistance. With Show Group, our dedicated account managers and consultants ensure your travellers receive prompt and reliable support, no matter the time of day.

5. Swift turnaround

With the dynamic nature of the industry, the final non-negotiable is ensuring swift turnaround. In Show Business, a project can change from one moment to the next. Whether it be a last-minute location change, or a change to production filming, its vital that you can rely on your TMC to make alternative travel arrangements swiftly. 

Catering to specialised requests

While Show Group treats all travellers as VIPs, we understand that some travellers have additional requirements, and we are no stranger to catering for specialised requests!

Recently, our team successfully managed the travel arrangements for a high-profile actor who required an elite level of privacy during their accommodation. Leveraging our strong supplier relationships, our team went above and beyond by arranging for an exclusive “elevator” butler to be on standby. This ensured the hotel elevator was secured whenever the guest needed it, guaranteeing complete privacy and security.

We take great pride in exceeding expectations, monitoring flight schedules, managing individual air mile programs, facilitating hotel room upgrades, accommodating specific comfort preferences, and curating special touches to enhance the overall experience. No request is too extravagant or intricate for us to handle. Whether it involves replacing the carpet throughout your VIP traveller’s stay to a preferred colour or securing a private dining space within minutes, we are dedicated to making it happen!

Elite travel experiences require an elite level of experience and attention to detail. With our comprehensive suite of VIP travel services and experience, Show Group’s team will ensure your travellers have an exceptional journey. 

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