/News 24.02.22


Heliguy team, Tony Driver and Ellery Ryan found themselves in Leigh Creek in South Australia for the feature film Gold in late 2020.

Stifling heat, 40 degrees, burning tar, coal and embers meant for difficult shooting conditions in the out-of-operation, open-cut coal mine.

Screenshots from Heavylift

Cinematographer Ross Giardina ACS, set up a great package of both Arri Alexa Mini and C and G series anamorphic lenses from Panavision, which paid dividends for the production providing a cinematic look and helped with the tonal variances on this harsh and rugged location.

Heliguy’s Ellery Ryan with the Heavylift

“The Arri’s sensor easily handled the tonal variances between both the harsh, December Australian sunlight and the light-absorbing, lower-end exposures of the open-cut coal.
I’m not sure there’s another sensor that can capture both of these exposures, simultaneously, so effortlessly.”

Ellery Ryan, Heliguy Camera Operator
Screenshots from Heavylift – Leigh Creek Mine (car tracking footage)

Additionally, the Panavision C and G Series anamorphic lenses complemented the Arri tremendously. The C Series lenses render less clinically, less rectilinear than more modern anamorphics.

“The set-up worked the scene to our advantage. It enhanced and complemented the geographical scope and angulation of the mines, whilst isolating the subject in relation to the harsh environment.”

Ellery Ryan
Heavylift on location with the Heliguy crew

“Working on Gold was an amazing experience. The location was a stunning alien place, which made it very challenging to tell the story. The heat was well above 40 degrees inside the mine, hot enough to melt your shoes. In the hot thin air, our flight times were very impressive with heavy ~3kg anamorphic lenses to meet the DP’s optical expectations.”

Tony Driver, Drone operator
Heliguy’s Heavylift on-set on and ready to go!