/News 27.05.20


In the wake of COVID-19, Soundfirm has been fortunate to continue work on a number of exciting projects in post-production.

While navigating the impacts of this global pandemic has been challenging, the Soundfirm team acted swiftly to implement changes that would allow them to deliver high-end grading, mixing and previewing remotely and so – thankfully – the show goes on with work on a fantastic range of films, TV series and documentaries detailed below.

A small number of Soundfirm staff continue to work on-site with social distancing measures in place, including limiting the number of people in each room at any time, while the rest of the team have shifted to working from home.

The current projects Soundfirm has been working on include:

Penguin Bloom – a feature film based on the best-selling book of the same name. This is a true Australian story about a family who take in an injured magpie who has a profound impact on their lives. Glendyn Ivin is directing an all-star cast which features Naomi Watts, Jacki Weaver and Andrew Lincoln. Soundfirm is engaged in sound edit, online and VFX with a view to begin grading and mixing in a few weeks’ time.

Penguin Bloom

Falling for Figaro – a romantic comedy about a brilliant young fund manager in the Scottish Highlands who decides to leave her unfulfilling job and long-term boyfriend to chase her lifeline dream of becoming an opera singer. The film stars Shazad Latif, Joanna Lumley and Danielle Macdonald. Acclaimed director Ben Lewis (The Sessions) is at the helm and the edit is underway in our Melbourne facility. Soundfirm will handle all VFX; sound mix and the grade.

Lunacy – Daniel Askill’s debut feature. This is a psychological thriller that follows six people as they embark on a summer retreat only to find themselves trapped by a mysterious force. It is semi-scripted, meaning the actors improvised in line with a structured framework rather than a fully scripted screenplay. Soundfirm is tasked to do remote sound edit with the mix after follow.


Wentworth Season 8 – slated to be released on Australia’s cable network Foxtel in June. This season navigates the aftermath of the incredibly tense siege that was the culmination of season 7, which fans and critics dubbed the ‘best ever’ moment in this Logie winning drama. Sound edit and mix will we completed by Soundfirm.


Soundfirm is undertaking sound and foley editing with the mix to follow for Maralinga Tjarutja a one-hour documentary from Blackfella Films for the ABC that focuses on the Maralinga Tjarutja people who have lived on their lands in South Australia for over 60 thousand years.

The film examines the nuclear testing that took place in the 50’s and 60’s and the fight for a contamination clean-up and compensation, as well as the return of the village and test sites to traditional owners which finally happened in 2009. 

Antonio’s Recipes for Revolution

Chef Antonio’s Recipes for Revolution’s Director Trevor Graham and Cinematographer Jenni Meaney were in Italy shooting their final pickups in early March and only just escaped the lockdown in time to make it home to Australia. The project is a feature documentary that follows Italian chef Antonio de Benedetto on his quest to change the world with food.

His apprentices are aspiring chefs with Down syndrome who travel from all over Italy to train and work in his restaurant in Asti. De Benedetto offers training in all areas of hospitality so people all too often shunned by society can take their place at the table of life and find a path to freedom and independence. For this project, Soundfirm will complete the grade and sound edit with the mix and online to commence in June.