/News 20.03.18

The South Australian Film Corporation introduces a 100% grant model for production fund

It’s now even easier and more attractive to do business in South Australia!

The South Australian Film Corporation has announced significant changes to the production funding guidelines, moving to a 100% grant model of funding, and removing the funding cap for drama production on both television and features. This simplifies the application and contracting processes for producers and financiers, and makes it easier and more attractive to do business in South Australia.

The new SAFC Production Funding Grant complements the South Australian PDV Rebate Scheme announced in December. While the PDV Rebate is non-discretionary, SAFC Production Funding remains discretionary and subject to available SAFC resources. Acting Chief Executive Officer of the SAFC, Adam Smith said:

“South Australia boasts Australia’s most attractive PDV rebate scheme, and we believe these significant changes to Production Funding means South Australia now also offers the simplest and most attractive grant available for production in Australia. More than ever our mission is to grow the industry here and this simplified funding model will make it easier to generate and attract production.”

Announced in December, the PDV Rebate sees companies receive a rebate of 10% of their South Australian PDV expenditure, mirroring the Australian Federal Government’s PDV Offset of 30%. Combined, South Australian post production companies can now offer a 40% rebate on spend in the state to international film and television producers. The PDV rebate is not limited by funding, increasing the scope and diversity of productions who are able to bring their post to South Australia. The rebate is un-capped, automatic and non-discretionary for productions that meet the guidelines.

View the Production Funding guidelines here:  http://www.safilm.com.au/funding-and-support/production-support/screen-production-investment

View the PDV rebate guidelines here: http://www.safilm.com.au/funding-and-support/post-production-digital-and-visual-effects-pdv-rebate/