/News 29.07.16


The long-awaited release of Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters, rebooted with a cast of new characters, hit Australian cinema screens on 14 July, taking out top spot at the box office on its opening weekend.

The Sony Pictures Entertainment feature film includes a package of VFX work produced by Iloura, one of the world-class visual effects companies located in Sydney and Victoria and an Ausfilm member.

With work led by Melbourne-based VFX Supervisor Glenn Melenhorst and VFX Producer Ineke Majoor, alongside peers based in Sydney, the Iloura team completed 500 shots for the film, focused on look development for and creation of, ghostly characters.

Pete Travers, Sony Studios’ VFX Supervisor for Ghostbusters, praised the creativity and technical proficiency of the team, “Iloura played such a strong role in the design of our ghosts. Glenn and his team made it easy on us, defining the look of our ghostly beings like Gertrude, the Rock Concert Ghost and the Mirror Ghouls.”

Iloura’s work on Ghostbusters is the latest credit in a string of high-profile projects out of Victoria, including Mad Max: Fury Road, Gods of Egypt, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, and most recently, work on the epic battle sequence in Game of Thrones episode ‘Battle of the Bastards’, which received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for Iloura’s Glenn Melenhorst.

Film Victoria CEO, Jenni Tosi said, “Competitive incentives provided by Film Victoria, the high-calibre of creative artists and technicians working at Iloura and their demonstrated track record in VFX on international productions, were key factors in bringing the work to Melbourne, creating around 50 local employment opportunities.”

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