Gold Coast Film Commission

The Gold Coast is the only local government in Australia to provide a Screen Attraction Program that includes financial incentives. These incentive grants are based on the value of production undertaken on the Gold Coast and are in addition to the incentives provided by the Queensland and Australian Governments.
Ausfilm Member since 2003

The Gold Coast Film Commission specialises in providing production companies with information regarding the capabilities of the local industry, financial incentives to demonstrate their commitment to your production and a one-stop-shop to arrange film permits, road closures and access to city locations.

The Gold Coast is world-renowned for its beautiful sub- tropical climate and diverse range of accessible locations which allows for any landscape to be replicated within the region. From emotive city or country scenes, beautiful beaches and sub-tropical rainforests, to a unique blend of architecture, scenic roads and city locations, the Gold Coast offers production companies easily accessible locations within a 30-minute radius of the Village Roadshow Studios.



Screen Industry Advisor
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Value of Gold Coast Expenditure Funding Amount (AU)
AU$750,000 to $2 million $50,000
AU$2 million to $5 million $60,000
AU$5 million to $10 million $75,000
AU$10 million to $20 million $100,000
AU$20 million to $30 million $150,000
AU$30 million to $50 million $200,000
Over AU$50 million $250,000


Screen Attraction Program – Financial Incentive

The incentive is agreed prior to the production being undertaken on the Gold Coast.

The incentive is paid on completion of the Gold Coast component of the project following the contracted delivery of evidence confirming Gold Coast expenditure.

  • Feature films, television programs (including drama, documentaries, factual, reality, entertainment series), games, animation, SVOD and online content
  • Applicants can be from production or post- production companies, games, animation and VFX studios
  • The production and/or post production office of the program must be located on the Gold Coast
  • A minimum Gold Coast production or post- production expenditure of AU$750,000
  • 50% of total crew roles sourced from the Gold Coast
  • Applications must be made prior to the completion of pre-production
  • Elvis
  • Ticket to Paradise
  • Thirteen Lives
  • The Wilds 2
  • Godzilla vs. Kong
  • Spiderhead