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For more than 30 years, Queensland has maintained a strong track record in attracting high-end productions from companies such as MGM, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios Group, Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel Studios, Netflix and more.
Ausfilm Member since 1998

Screen Queensland is the state government screen agency and its competitive financial incentives are matched by a winning combination of diverse locations, expert crew, world-class studios and renowned post-production facilities.

The state is currently home to three studio complexes, including: Screen Queensland Studios, Brisbane and the Gold Coast’s Village Roadshow Studios. Screen Queensland Studios, Cairns will be operational in early 2024, opening up tropical Far North Queensland to productions. All studios are based within close proximity to international airports.

Queensland’s studio network optimises access to diverse and accessible locations. The sunshine state boasts some of Australia’s most enviable white beaches, tropical rainforests, deserts, swamps, green meadows, dry grassland, sprawling cityscapes, sleepy towns and historical architecture.

Screen Queensland offers a bespoke, concierge service second to none. Staffed by highly knowledgeable and experienced screen professionals, Screen Queensland provides expertise and assistance across incentives, physical production, locations and marketing ­— working hand-in-hand with productions from point of initial enquiry through to acquittal.


+61 7 3248 0500

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The agency offers:

  • physical production liaison
  • advice on state and federal incentives and co-production ventures
  • advice on local crew recruitment
  • location breakdowns
  • tonal and bespoke location packages
  • liaison with local government authorities and councils
  • Brisbane and Cairns studio access for filming and production services.


–  Screen Queensland Studios, Brisbane has two sound stages, both 3,000 sq metres (32,291 sq ft)

–  Screen Queensland Studios, Cairns will include one sound stage of 1,070 sq metres (11,517 sq ft)

–  Village Roadshow Studios offers nine sound stages, up to  3,716 sq metres (40,000 sq ft), and three purpose-built water tanks, including the largest in Australia

Production Attraction Incentive

The Queensland Government via Screen Queensland offers a Production Attraction incentive for productions with a minimum spend of AU$3.5 million within the state.

A further incentive is available from the City of Gold Coast to productions that spend a minimum of AU$750,000 in the region.

These incentives can be used in conjunction with the Australian Government’s Location Offset, Producer Offset and PDV Offset.

Incentives are determined on the economic, cultural, tourism and community benefits a production will bring to Queensland. Eligible productions may include feature films, feature documentaries, telemovies and TV series (including reality, drama, animation and mini-series) and similar digital productions.


Post, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) Incentive

Screen Queensland’s 15 per cent PDV incentive is the most competitive on the eastern coast of Australia, available to productions that use Queensland post-production services.


PDV work completed in Queensland with a minimum AU$250,000 QPE on PDV elements.

Further information:
SQ – Post, Digital and Visual Effects Incentive

State Payroll Tax Rebate

Available to productions that have paid the 4.75 per cent Queensland Payroll Tax.


For projects with a minimum spend of AU$3.5 million in the state.

Further information:
SQ – State Payroll Tax Rebate

The Revolving Film Financing Fund (RFFF)

Provides secured loans to cash-flow the Producer Offset, distribution guarantees and pre-sales. The applicable interest rate is half (50 per cent) the 90-day Bank Bill Swap Rate with a flat 5.5 per cent Administration and Legal fee making it an extremely competitive option.

Screen Finance Fund

Provides investment funding of up to AU$850,000.


For productions led by Queensland creatives in key roles, that are filmed and/or post-produced in the state.

Regional Incentive

A grant of up to AU$100,000 is available.


For eligible productions that film in regional and remote areas of Queensland.

Location and Scouting Assistance
Screen Queensland’s location scouting assistance can help producers find the perfect location. Myriad location options are available, including some of Australia’s most enviable white beaches, tropical rainforests, deserts, swamps, lush green meadows, dry grasslands, sprawling cityscapes, sleepy towns and historical architecture.

By application.

Further information:
SQ – Location Scouting & Assistance

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Official Treaty Co-productions
Screen Queensland also supports Official Treaty Co-productions and is ready to talk to you about the benefits of working with Queensland producers including the advantage of both state and federal incentives (including Screen Australia’s 40 per cent Producer Offset).

Please see Screen Australia’s requirements for Official Co-Productions.

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