Screen Territory (NT)

Screen Territory is the Northern Territory (NT) Government’s screen industry agency responsible for supporting and developing the film, TV and digital media industries within the Territory.
Ausfilm Member since 2019

Screen Territory offers a range of incentives and services to the screen industry:

  • funding and production incentives
  • location scouting
  • liaison and location permit support
  • sourcing crew and facilities
  • facilitation of engagement to other NT governmental agencies (including tourism)
  • further production incentives available on a case-by-case basis, based on economic benefit.


Director – Screen Territory


Screen Industry Development Manager
+61 08 8999 6302


Screen Territory will contribute to production finance of screen projects in order to build the capacity of the Territory screen industry as well as raise the profile of the Territory and increase its level of screen production.

Incentives are determined on the economic, industry, tourism and community benefits a production will bring to the Territory including spend, jobs, technical and infrastructure legacies.

The following formats are eligible to receive a Production Attraction Incentive:

  • fiction feature film or series
  • documentary feature film or series.

This incentive program is open to all Australian and international producers, production companies and studios with screen projects that:

  • spending a minimum of AU$2 million on qualifying Northern Territory Production Expenditure in the Northern Territory
    (exceptions may be considered with prior discussion with Screen Territory);
  • footloose (i.e. are international or Australian productions that are not already locked into production in the Northern Territory);
  • evidence of genuine marketplace interest for commercial release or distribution; and
  • engaging screen industry practitioners in meaningful employment, including attachments, who are Northern Territory residents as per the definition in the Screen Territory Terms of Trade.
  • MaveriX
  • Wild Croc Territory
  • Lost Flowers of Alice Hart
  • True Colours
  • Barrumbi Kids
  • High Ground
  • Sweet Country
  • Top End Wedding
  • Last Cab to Darwin
  • Australia