The Rebel Fleet

As a dedicated workflow provider, The Rebel Fleet specialises in productions across Australasia, boasting a proven track record on numerous international productions.
Ausfilm Member since 2021

Discover the power of seamless production with The Rebel Fleet’s innovative remote and mobile solutions. They are experts in Video Assist & DIT Equipment, Dailies, Cloud Delivery, Metadata Capture, and VFX Pulls.

The Rebel Fleet collaborate closely with your teams from pre-production to design a tailor-made workflow that aligns with your budget and creative aspirations. In production, count on them to ensure a smooth transition into your post-production pipeline, providing precision and excellence at every step of your production.

Unlock the power of seamless metadata integration with The Rebel Fleet. Their innovative systems aggregate essential metadata from Camera, Sound, Scripts, DIT, Video, VFX, and more, enabling them to interface with key stakeholders and the post-production process.

With The Rebel Fleet, Editorial and VFX teams receive clear, organised information directly into their pipeline, streamlining their workflow like never before. Simultaneously, The Rebel Fleet’s real-time updates empower teams to improve logistics, ensuring peace of mind regarding the security of their data throughout the entire process.

Embrace the future of metadata integration with The Rebel Fleet and witness a new era of efficiency and confidence in your production journey.



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With touch points across pre-production, production and into post-production not only does The Rebel Fleet supply Video Assist, DIT, Dailies and I.T. hardware and crew, they are also gathering, managing, collating and sanitising metadata throughout the pipeline.

Relating key information from Camera, Sound, Scripts, DIT, Video, VFX and more against the scene, take and clip information, as well as relating this back to the production information, for example, shoot day, shooting unit, camera type, contacts, etc. This enables The Rebel Fleet to deliver key insights and live analytics back to key stakeholders and onto the post-production process, meaning editorial and VFX receive clear collated information into their pipeline, as well as production being able to receive updates on total footage amounts, first turn over, camera usage, camera mag clearance and more, reducing the need to hand type paper notes, or try to gather information from busy crew while they are shooting.

  • Foe
  • Mad Max: Furiosa
  • Boy Swallows Universe
  • Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes
  • Apples Never Fall
  • Ricky Stanicky
  • Ticket to Paradise
  • True Spirit
  • The Wilds S2
  • Love and Monsters